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Aaron Aiken


Mr. Aiken was born in Indianapolis, IN but has lived in over four different states and six different cities. This varied background has been of aid when he frequently consults on cases with attorneys from a myriad of jurisdictions. Mr. Aiken graduated from Indiana University with a double major in Economics and Political Science. Mr. Aiken then moved to Houston and graduated cum laud from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law with a Juris Doctor.


Upon graduating Mr. Aiken opened up his own firm alongside his classmate Walat Aqrawi. Together, Mr. Aiken and Mr. Aqrawi have built their practice to the point they were able to open a satellite office in Erbil, located in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq. Their firm is starting on its fifth year in 2020, and has successfully served hundreds of clients in cases ranging from Personal Injury to Immigration to Criminal Defense. Mr. Aiken is well experienced in Employment based and Family based immigration law. In addition, Mr. Aiken has consulted on questions of Immigration consequences in criminal cases in no less than nineteen different states.