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Nathalie S. Galindo


Nathalie S. Galindo is a paralegal whose first introduction to law was in 1989 when she was offered a job with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. After one year she was totally in love and knew that this is where she wanted to be and pursued a career in legal field. Over the years she took on other legal related positions such as civil, criminal, elder law and family law. She would go on to excel in personal injury, which is what she knew and loved – she thrived in the legal world. She is a California girl as she was raised in the sunny state of California. She recently moved to the great State of Texas to begin a new adventure with her family. She currently serves as a paralegal at the prestigious firm of Aqrawi & Associates. She manages all personal injury cases in all phases and manages all cases starting with having constant contact with all clients, resolving property damage and most importantly settling and helping others in need as much as she can.


Nathalie is all about family and is a highly devoted mother and wife but more than anything in the world loves spending time with her husband of 25 years and her 22 and 24-year-old Sons, Nathan and Michael. Nathalie loves to cook and enjoys spending her spare time in her garden and with the entire family, including her work family. She is a treasure to have as a splendid addition to the Aqrawi & Associates team.